Upcoming Retreat

We are thrilled to announce Rinpoche will be with us for 6 days and teach on an Ati Dzogchen text called “Jangchub Semgom”—one of the original main texts translated and transmitted by the great teacher Vairocana.


Upcoming Retreat with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

at TW, December 19 – 23rd 2014 – New Dates!



Rinpoche wishes to hold the retreat at the gar, which is truly a special occasion for us all.

beachSince the casita spaces have been filled, camping and a very few dorm spaces are still available for those wishing to stay at the gar. If you would like to reserve one of these remaining dorm beds, please write to the Secretary for information and booking as soon as possible.

Camping on-site is in a shaded area, with hot showers and compost toilets made available. We request that all campers bring appropriate gear. Please contact the Secretary if you have any questions on what camping equipment to bring.

For those lodging off-site, hotels are available in San Jose or at the airport. Hotels in San Jose are about 50 minutes away by car, some on the beach and some inland. There are also hotels available at the airport, which is 15 minutes closer to the gar. To help coordinate lodging and transportation, we have two “message boards” on the registration page. One is for people who wish to find others to share a hotel room, and another is for people who wish to find others to share a rental car/transportation.


The payments for lodging and meals cover only a fraction of our costs in arranging the retreat; and unfortunately, so far we have not received enough donations to cover the most basic expenses. As a result, and to ensure the integrity of the retreat for all those attending, we will need to reverse our initial announcement that we could forego tuition by relying on only on donations. (This reversal was informed by a recent announcement of the International Gakyil which confirmed only Merigar retreats are subject to the “donation only” policy.

This means that for the comfort and safety of all those attending the retreat, we must now require a minimum fee of $250 to be paid by everyone except people under financial hardship, no later than July 1.

Paying the Retreat Fee: you can pay $250 (if you have not made any donation) when you register online; if your donation was under $250, please pay the difference. If you live in Mexico, you can opt to make a wire transfer to a Mexican bank (rather than pay by credit card): please write the Secretary for the information.

If you are under financial hardship, you have 2 options:
(1) pay by installments (for instance, 5 payments of $50) by the Nov.30 extended deadline.
(2) write the Secretary to request a reduced ($150) retreat fee, or free attendance. In your email, please explain your financial situation briefly.
We still accept, gratefully, donations and sponsorships.

Please take a look at our current projects for a complete list of gar projects urgently requiring funding so we may continue to provide and improve this space for the community.

Plane tickets are pricey at this time of year, and flights are often fully booked. Your arrival airport is San Jose del Cabo (SJD).

We need to limit the numbers of cars allowed to drive up to the gar. People must park in the designated spaces. Please take advantage of our rideshare board.

1162850-R1-033-15Food: We will provide 3 meals/day for all on-site residents and lunch for commuters, for a fee. The dinner on the final night is an additional option.

Airport transportation: We can only offer it to people lodged at the gar, at $20 each way.

Volunteers: we need people to help out! Please offer a few hours of your time by marking “willing to volunteer” on the registration page; we will send you a list of possibilities to choose from.

Once you have registered and paid, we will send you a confirmation of your total payment. You are not registered until: 1. You have filled out the registration page (even if you pre-registered before), and 2. You have paid the full fee.

We look forward to sharing with you this marvelous event.

The TW Gakyil


Addendum: Hotel Retreat Group Rates Now Available!

Buena Vista Hotel Discounts – Contact: Hortencia@hotelbuenavista.com

For double occupancy $46.40 per person with taxes and breakfast.
For single person $77.35 with breakfast also, just please contact me directly.


Hotel Discount Flyer

We hope this will aid those still searching for hotel accommodations.




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