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Information and Guidelines for Guests


we2533smVisitors and participants are asked to check in at the office with the gekod (Site Manager). Also please ‘check out’ upon departure. Please let the Gekod know if you will be arriving after dark or at a different time than expected.  All visitors to the gar need to email us or register in advance with the exception of events like open houses and group practices.  At certain times of the year, the gar will be closed to visitors because of retreats as indicated by a posted sign. Registered guests, visitors and groups that stay overnight should receive a safety orientation upon arrival.



Book airline tickets for San Jose del Cabo (airport code: SJD).  There are two Airport Terminals, one is for domestic and one for international. They are 1/4 mile apart, a far to walk with your luggage. Please let your pickup person know at which terminal you will arrive. After going through customs and/or baggage pass through the ‘hotel pick up drivers’ and look for your ride with a Tsegyagar West Sign!

You need to coordinate your pick up at the airport with the Secretary (

  wTWentranceCattle fence   DIRECTIONS TO THE LAND:

Tsegyalgar West is located north of the airport about 40 minutes from the airport to the gar, of which half on a main road and the other half on a bumpy dirt road that goes inland up the mountain.


1. From the airport, drive to the main highway, Carretera Transpeninsular  #1 toward the East Cape and ‘Los Barrilles’.

2.  Drive thru the little town of Santa Anita on your right.

3.  Watch the kilometer markers and look for km54.

4. At km 54turn left onto a straight, long dirt road going inland.  Coming from the south our road has a Presa La Palma sign for the new San Jose reservoir/dam. 

5. You will see the sign  Rastro ITF ( Matadero de vacas) on the right. Keep going, approximately 10 miles or 13 kilometers on a dirt road.

6. The dirt road will begin to curve down and around a large dry riverbed. Cross it and keep going another 20 minutes.  Stay on the left,  there is a shrine/altar on the left side of the road  and a low dip where a normal car may drag. Cross it and keep going.

7.  Keep going until you see the painted rock and a metal gate for Tsegyalgar West. Open the gate and go up the driveway to a wood cattle gate. Open it, drive thru, and close it behind you please.

8. You will see a sign on the right : Camping Showers/duchas. Drive past it and park on the roadside. Walk a few hundred feet to the palapa-covered kitchen on the left. On the way there, you will see a bell hanging from a tree, ring it, then walk to the reception area to wait. WELCOME!


In San Jose, The Posada Real Best Western includes a breakfast buffet, draft beer and wine. Senor Manana’s is the basic backpacker hotel. Both are in San Jose del Cabo.  See Tripadvisor for additional recommendations.


Suggested items: flashlight, sun cream, sunglasses, good water bottle, swim wear, sun hat, sturdy shoes for hiking, sandals, medications, and toiletries. Clothes for warm days and cool nights needed. For the teachings, bring a cushion to sit on, practice materials, socks or soft-soled shoes for Vajra Dance; a pen and paper to take notes.  

If you are planning to stay for a while, consider getting traveler’s health insurance: one option is

  • Camping gear: tent, pillow, thermarest, sleeping bag, flash light.
  • Clothing:  in winter, days are warm but nights will be chilly (we are in the mountains). Bring clothes appropriate to the Baja season, sturdy shoes for walking, and sandals that protect the toes.
  • Toiletries, including sun screen and bug spray.  Please bring ONLY biodegradable soap and shampoo to use in our showers.
  • Any prescription medicines, including an epipen if you have insect allergies.
  • A big towel, daypack, water bottle, etc and rain gear during rain season (Sept-Oct). If you have binoculars, you might want to use them for wildlife viewing.

(Note: We will have filtered spring water with which to fill your water bottle.)


Parking is only in areas along the driveway until we are able to make new space.



The general public (drop-in visitors) please do not go far outside the main reception area, without requesting info from the land manager. Resident guests are welcome to hike, but  please notify the gekod (or use ‘Hiking Sign Out’ sheet) when you are leaving and upon return. We are situated in a wilderness area and wish everyone to be safe and accounted for.  Hike with a buddy and bringing a whistle and compass is a good idea!


Camping overnight in undeveloped areas of the property requires written permission as well as sign in and sign out. There will be a charge for camping.


Please alert the staff of any serious health problems or allergies, and remember to bring medication. We ask all guests and visitors to sign a Liability Form when hiking or staying on the land. The Gar is not liable for any injury or health hazard incurred by guests while on the property. Again, we strongly recommend guests who plan to stay for some time to purchase traveler’s health insurance. If you don’t already have medical insurance, TW recommends Travel Guard Insurance.

We are a non-smoking, and drug-free group. Guests in individual or group retreats can use alcohol in moderation, and can smoke only in designated areas (fire pit lounge area below dining area). Our guests enjoy the majestic and peaceful beauty of this land, so we encourage silence after 9pm and until 9am. Please minimize any loud noises during the day.  If you are a smoker, please alert the staff when you register.  Wild fires are a serious hazard, so no unauthorised fire can be started. We have a fire pit for evening fires near the community area to use when it is safe.

Thank you for your cooperation.





Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and monitored by their parents, an adult relative, or a designated adult.


There can be open fires and smoking ONLY in designated areas.


Groups and individuals need to determine in advance if they want to cook for themselves or take advantage of our meal service. If you are not subscribing to a meal plan, you need to check in with the Kitchen Manager or the Gekod and abide by the rules.  There is a small daily fee for kitchen use.  If you want to buy and cook your own food, you will need to shop in San Jose (Mega is a big supermarket) which means you need a car.  The organic Farmer’s Market is in San Jose every Saturday morning.  We provide food shopping service only for people on retreat, and by arrangement.  Otherwise, you can register for a meal plan.

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