webcast-titleWebcasts by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, Shang-Shung Institute, as well as preparatory talks for live Transmissions (three times each year) are available for serious students, and open webcasts are available to the public. It is possible to listen to most of Rinpoche’s teachings throughout the world each year, on the web.

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Webcast authentication login: http://www.shangshunginstitute.net/webcast/login.php

The types of webcast opportunities are as follows:


lotus openThese webcasts are suitable for anyone with an interest in the Dzogchen teachings and can be accessed, usually in audio form, by following the webcast website directions here. Notices about when these webcasts will be taking place can be found on the webcast website, on local Dzogchen Community websites, or information can be accessed by phoning the local Dzogchen Community center. Members should receive notices about all upcoming webcasts.



Closed webcasts can be accessed only by members of the Dzogchen Community who have been issued a User ID,  Password, and a Membership Number by Shang-Shung Institute in Italy and the webcast team.

Membership is offered by all the Gars (main sites) of the Dzogchen Community, though students usually become members of the Gar nearest to where they live.

The membership form for Tsegyalgar West, with the various options for membership, is in the Membership section of this website.  Members can access the closed webcasts in real time, or they can “replay” these webcasts at a time more convenient for them for a limited period of time.




Although most webcasts usually contain a “transmission” or practical experience meditation session with the teacher, to be truly effective, these should be attended “in real time.” Transmission from the teacher is essential for students who wish to practice the teachings of Dzogchen. Since many new students do not have an immediate opportunity to receive transmission in person, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu offers three worldwide transmissions on the web annually, which are ideally, preceded by an instruction session on how to participate, attended either in person at a Dzogchen Community center, or also by webcast. The ideal participation in these transmissions is for new students to listen to both the orientation session AND then take the transmission itself with other new students at a local Dzogchen Community center.

The approximate West Coast timing of Annual Transmission Webcasts is as follows: Guru Rinpoche, mid-July or early August; 8pm PDT; Adzom Drugpa, early to mid-November, 4am PST; Garab Dorje, late February to early March, 7pm PST.
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